Greenburg Nature Center Playground


It was sunny and lovely today. I took the boys over to the Greenberg Nature Center for a quick play. Such an awesome playground!

Newport aquarium








Over the mid-winter break we hit Ohio to visit family. One of our favorites, besides being cooked for endlessly, was visiting the Newport Aquarium across the river from Cincinnati. Our boys entertained themselves by chasing the penguins for over a half an hour.









I love a good snow and we finally got one. School and work were both cancelled for a day.


December 22, 2012


It’s been a crazy year. Can’t believe we are coming into the home stretch of Christmas. We have busy trimming our tree, baking cookies and having holiday parties at school. We are staying put this year and am looking forward to spending lots of time in our pj’s and hanging with my boys. x

Sunday, July 8th 2012

Scenes from a typical weekend here this summer. We walk around our home in a constant mess of pool hair,  wet suits and smelling faintly of chlorine and sunscreen. We have had gorgeous and hot weather here and we have been taking full advantage of our membership at our little local pool down the hill. We usually do two trips to the pool on a given weekend day. One in the morning where we swim ourselves until we are hungry and make our way home for lunch and then a trip in the late afternoon to cool off before dinner. Yesterday was our neighbor Richard’s birthday and we had him, Beth and Hannah over for shandies and nibbles before the dinner hour. After spending a full summer in the hospital, I intend to make full use of our summer days! Bring it on.

BTW: the picture of the front of the house is to show off our new inkberry bushes we planted this past spring. We pulled out two huge old and leggy rhododendrons that were covering our front windows. Now we have to finish the rest of the front!  It never ends, does it?

Heidi’s Lima Bean Stew

Yes, I am dedicating an entire post to a soup. One that you need to know about. Our favorite meal this past season was, hands down, Heidi Swanson’s Christmas Lima Bean Stew. Genius I tell you. Get the recipe here. Order the beans here. Order lots. You’ll be glad you did. And while your at it, check out all of Heidi’s other recipes. Never had a bad one. The boys love all her recipes. Love you Heidi! x

Jane’s Carousel

There is a beautiful carousel in Dumbo called Jane’s Carousel after the woman who refurbished each horse and donated the entire set to the city. We went down on a late winter’s day and had the place to ourselves. It was so quiet the lovely attendants let the boys ride as long as they liked. The view is amazing and there is an awesome playground next door with a great view of Brooklyn Bridge. What a great city we live in. x

Sunday, April 15th

It was in the 80′s on Sunday. 80′s! We spent the morning making water balloons. And yes, I know I take a lot of photos of the back of Georgie’s head but I love those messy curls and I know they won’t last. Enjoy them while you can! x


Can’t believe our five-year old is now six. M was here to celebrate with us. We had a lego cake, a trip to The Museum of Natural History, burgers and shakes and a jaunt through Central Park. The weather has been so lovely. Spring is here. x

Easter Weekend

Lovely weekend. We celebrated on Saturday this year with M, Brad, Stacy, Baby Benny, Nick and Paula. Much ham and Aperol spritzers were consumed. x